The chilled air hugs me tightly…With such a comforting and warming embrace,
The ambience has filled my lungs that have been empty for too long,
My breathing has become heavy while trying to inhale it all it.

The threads of these sheets caress the curves of my body,
Waking me up with a mere tender touch,
Exposing the sensual silhouette hiding inside my soul.

The night softly illuminating this erotic solitude—
Highlighting the beauty of my inner darkness.

Little drops of passion race down my face—
A lust seasoned heavily with salty sadness,
Some rehydrate the passion that has dried on my lips,
While some pass right by and soak into the pillow I clutch so intently.

Sweet nothings echo endlessly in the silence,
Repeating the sounds of this arousing seclusion.

Loneliness has become my secret affair…

My paramour—

The best lover I have ever known.

Roses are the Reason I have Trust Issues

This is the OctPoWriMo day 5 prompt: Sharp

It’s beauty lures you in—
The vibrant color and intricate design,
It’s fragrance entrances you—
The euphoria of such a pleasant aroma.
It’s just a captivating mirage,
Manipulating you to come closer until you are compelled to touch
But the contact betrays you,
The thorns dig into you,
The reaction is quick, to let go,
But it’s too late, they have already pierced your flesh,
The blood has already covered your delicate hands.
As you wipe it away and dress your wounds,
You swear you won’t repeat your mistake,
But your heart will refuse to remember
And the next time it catches your eye,
You’ll be right back to the pain of life
pricking you with its deception

Welcome Mat

This is the OctPoWriMo day 2 prompt: The Void

These walls have been painted with words with no meaning
I’m inhaling the concern, but it’s all been poisoned
Any support has disintegrated with the pressure from leaning
By now, everything around me has vanished
I’ve lost the difference between falling and failing
Any hope of rebuilding has been banished
I am living in a house built from shadows
The boards beneath me are almost destroyed
My home is a place that even I impose
But I open the door and walk back into my void

I am Sand 

This is the OctPoWriMo day 1 prompt: Time

A lifetime tapped inside winding glass

Moving to and fro,

Back and forth,

Never traveling but never still.

I get turned upside down just to fall to the bottom—
It’s just history repeating.

I am incessantly spending without ever earning
Killing and wasting most of what surrounds me,
And simply loosing the rest.

Always stuck between the past and the future—
But it’s not at all a gift.