OctPoWriMo Prompt: Taste of Metal

My soul has been emptied
There is no one to fill me
I am a metal bucket stashed away under the old wooden ladder
I’ve been replaced by plastic and colors Continue reading


Welcome Mat

This is the OctPoWriMo day 2 prompt: The Void

These walls have been painted with words with no meaning
I’m inhaling the concern, but it’s all been poisoned
Any support has disintegrated with the pressure from leaning
By now, everything around me has vanished
I’ve lost the difference between falling and failing
Any hope of rebuilding has been banished
I am living in a house built from shadows
The boards beneath me are almost destroyed
My home is a place that even I impose
But I open the door and walk back into my void

I am Sand 

This is the OctPoWriMo day 1 prompt: Time

A lifetime tapped inside winding glass

Moving to and fro,

Back and forth,

Never traveling but never still.

I get turned upside down just to fall to the bottom—
It’s just history repeating.

I am incessantly spending without ever earning
Killing and wasting most of what surrounds me,
And simply loosing the rest.

Always stuck between the past and the future—
But it’s not at all a gift.